"This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Caleb turns 3!

It was such a joy to celebrate Caleb's life today! He is our happy child that we all love so dearly! All month long he would say, "My birthday is coming up!" It was so fun to watch him enjoy his birthday today that had finally come up!

3 is the year I start the balloon tradition.

Sam walked in the bathroom door to open the door for him...but no Caleb?

Now I see "peek-a-boo" Caleb

Since we forgot to push the record button on the video camera we did a "redo" to get it on video. So this is the second time. Caleb was now prepared of what was going to happen.

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Birthday pancakes!

Love this smirk that he gives so often!

"Cars" themed pancakes: Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm on top; 
Mack below Caleb and Mater on the bottom.

Birthday present time!

Loved just watching his face!

So happy!

Party time! Putting on tattoos :)

Decorating race cars!

Really the only ones interested in decorating the cars 

This guy started going crazy with the cars and as you can see...

...all the kids got out of there!


Lightning McQueen Pinata...modernized by pulling strings to break it open instead
of using a bat.

Lunch with Caleb's favorite things: pizza and watermelon!

Cake Time!

Might have been my favorite part of the day! 
He was singling along with us too!

Once the party was over and everyone left,
the boys had a blast with Caleb's presents...he got like 4 remote control cars!