"This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beach 2017!

We had a wonderful time at Orange Beach! We stayed at Caribe and made many memories. What stood out the most was all the ocean animals we saw! We saw between 8-10 dolphins, 3 sharks, 1 baby shark, 5-6 hermit crabs, 3 eagles, 1 stingray, 1 two foot large fish, 1 very large crab, and swam with a big school of decent size fish.

Since we went over the fourth of July, we brought our window clings with us!

Loved finding and collecting shells!

Due to Tropical Storm Cindy and all the rain the past month, the
ocean water was really churned up and it looked like a lake.
Noah was a beach bum! He loved the water!

Proud of her shell

Found a shell!

We had some great waves to catch!

Leah riding the waves!

Having fun in the water!

Noah was mad because he was looking for a fish that he
saw jump but I saw a huge wave that I couldn't resist but let them
ride on.

Flying his kite that Dee Dee got him

I kept running away to get a shot of the kite and Caleb, but Caleb kept running after me!

Our resort is in the background :)

Noah wanted a turn

Caleb loved the indoor pool!

Eating at The Gulf

Great atmosphere!

Playing while waiting for our food

I took these 2 after dinner back to the beach to collect more shells. They both
loved finding shells.

I turned Disney Jr. on in the morning and I came back later
to Caleb all cuddled up in our bed

Rented a pontoon boat for the morning! This is us first going out and
we had no clue what fun surprise was in store for us that day!

Captain Sam! He did such a great job!

So there are a lot of dolphin pictures below. Sam found us a big school of 
dolphins that we stopped in awe and watched for a good 45 minutes!

Do you see the baby dolphin!?

They would stop and play often!

Yes! We saw 2 of them jump out of the water!!!

The 2nd jump

4 dolphins in upper left

This guy got tired or bored of seeing all the dolphins, 
so started playing with his truck!

The dolphins must have really liked us. They just hung around our boat. We were blessed
in that there were no other boats around that we had to "share" the dolphins with.

You can see the baby again in this picture

Swimming toward us

Worn out from all those dolphins!

We anchored on an island to swim. You can see
our condo in the back ground :)

Sam happened to pick the spot where there were hermit crabs!

Caleb wasn't so sure about them

This cracked me up! They had hermit crab races. They put 2 side by
side and watched to see which hermit crab would craw back to the water the fastest.

The smaller guy kept on winning :)

There was an eagle's nest on the island that we saw too!

Sam dropped the kids and I off at Caribe. Right when we got to the room, me and the 
kids got to experience an evacuation due to a fire alarm. We walked down
12 flights of stairs and then got to walk back up 12 flights of stairs!!!

The fourth day the water got better, especially in the morning.
We saw 3, three foot sharks that day!

Loved this! These 2 grabbed the raft and went out together
to catch a wave!

They found one!

Chillin with daddy!

Dug 2 holes for these two with a tunnel that connected them

Snow cones always taste better at the beach!

Sam was so amazing in how he unpacked the car to pack the beach
cart (includes a tent too), pushed the cart over 1/4 of a mile to get a beach spot,
unpack the cart to set everything up. Then repeat the steps backwards when it was time to go!

The last 2 days the water was looking much better

Hard to tell but this was the stingray.

Our setup with our condo in the background

The crab!

The kids loved the lazy river back at Caribe! They saw it
as more of a race to see who they could get in front of!
Thank you Dee Dee for the shirts!

Caleb's face just cracks me up in this one!

To pass the time while waiting for fireworks, we played the putt-putt
course at the condo.

Happy Fourth of July!

All set!

Our balcony was the perfect spot!
You can see all of the boats in the water too!

In his favorite spot before we left to go home

Had to stop at Peach Park to end our vacation

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